This is a beautiful question. It requires a lot more conversation then the brief response I’m going to give you.

I think that the most important thing to recognize is that black and white aren’t real. Blackness and whiteness are value systems the have been cultivated over centuries, mainly for economic reasons.

By siding with blackness I’m challenging the binary, which assumes that whiteness is ideal. By elevating black voices/trans voices/fat voice/queer voices we create that more equitable and balanced society that we want to live in.

I could write a million essays about exactly this question — I intend to — and still be curious about the right way to go about manifesting the world you and I say we’d like to live in.

I don’t claim to have any of the answers. But I think the conversation itself is so valuable, and ultimately effective at shifting the needle.

I hope this was helpful:) | Freelance Editor | Essayist | Culture Analyst | Pronouns: she/they

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