The thing about this that is when you’re talking about a person like Dani Mathers she is not just an “individual”, she is a public figure with a platform. Society isn’t separate from us; everyday we are all in the process of creating, distorting, enforcing, and defying the way our world looks.Everyone should be held accountable for their impact; but public figures who have abused their power to influence others deserve should face consequences proportional to that influence.

I personally don’t want Mathers punished. I want her reformed. Educated, and engaged in the process of making amends. Amends specifically in the form of advocacy for the community that she hurt with her actions.

However, since our society is oriented entirely around capital and productivity, the only consequences we can conceive of are monetary or constrictive of our ability to manage our own time. So, Mathers lost a few bucks after being cut from a couple campaigns. She’s probably already recooped that lost income. While that doesn’t constitute what I’d consider justice, I’m happy that she faced consequences. I just hope she learned something. | Freelance Editor | Essayist | Culture Analyst | Pronouns: she/they

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