Just because I went to college doesn’t mean I had parents who paid for it. I didn’t. I lived in many different neighborhoods growing up, some affluent some poor.

You know literally nothing about my childhood.

I can care about racism and the factory workers in Bangladesh. I can only discuss one topic at a time and this was a personal experience piece. I am not a factory worker.

Race doesn’t exist. But “biracial” is what people think when they look at me. It’s the easiest way to confront and discuss the influences in my life. It’s a language my audience understands and instead of talking down to them, like you are attempting to do, I’m meeting people where they are. Biracial people or light skinned people occupy a place of privilege over dark skinned people. That’s the point I’m making, that you’re missing.

Your Strawman comment — hell, the majority of your comments — isn’t true. You’re honestly just posturing intellect where there is none.

Also when did I ever say racism is your fault? As if these systems didn’t exist before you and won’t play a role after. You are not that important.

That comment in itself is the key to unlocking your whole nonsense position right there. You feel blamed. You feel judged by my experience. You think it’s a personal referendum on your character but it’s not. Beyond this awful and unproductive conversation I’ve engaged in, we don’t know anything about each other.

Calling me racist doesn’t hurt me. I think everyone in a racist society — which is almost if not all of them — is affected by it. Everyone is racist. There are those who try to unlearn those thought processes and ideals, and those who pretend not to be complicit.

I’m in the process of unlearning my racialized behaviors, where as you think that pretending you “don’t see race” is the solution. I challenge myself when I make a race based assumption. You lie to yourself and pretend that choice helps anyone. You’re so invested in the lie that you’re above it all, that someone telling their truth makes you furious.

Too furious to actually benefit from a conversation like this. So I’m done giving you the gift of my time.

Instead of telling me to get off my high horse, maybe challenge yourself to find one? Because I’m not getting in the mud with you.

Byleighgreen.com | Freelance Editor | Essayist | Culture Analyst | Pronouns: she/they

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