I don’t think every white male is attacking me. I have good relationships with respectful and sensitive male commenters on this very site, some of them are even white! *gasp* Dropping that little dig onto the end of your comment was hugely beside the point.

I was noting the propensity of white males to parrot the sentiments woman of color back at them like new information. I’m genuinely curious about why y’all need to enter every space behaving like authorities on the matter. It’s a pattern, maybe even an essay of your own that you can share personal wisdom on. I’d love to read it 👍🏽

I think there were a couple interesting points made in your initial comment, it’s honestly the only reason I chose to engage. But white men in particular become uninteresting to me when they can’t turn the lens on themselves. Can’t see the way that their behavior often contributes to a set of factors that make it impossible for women, women of color especially, to stand as authorities OVER THEIR OWN EXPERIENCE.

Commenters like you and Pierre never feel like they are taking up too much space in these conversations because the concept of “too much space” doesn’t even occur to you. Maybe if y’all would step into other peoples spaces a little more delicately we would perceive you as the allies you aim to be.

I’m willing to engage with varied perspectives about the content of my essays, where ever I see fertile conversational soil. Your comment was more like a flag than a flower. If you want to engage in a conversation maybe listen when black women tell you what’s flawed about your approach.

Byleighgreen.com | Freelance Editor | Essayist | Culture Analyst | Pronouns: she/they

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