I completely vibe with that. My best writing is when I'm writing for myself. Trying to think through a thought so I can be on the other side of it, put it to rest, or make it simple in my head. The whole "writing myself into existence" thing.

I think what you did effectively here was to identify how complex everything about black hair is, through a process of compassionate/courageous inquiry. As you did so, you grew. Readers witnessed you mature into your own informed perspective. Solid on your own feet. In my experience, that's as simple as these situations ever get. lol

You found your own path through the cosmos and lit the way for others. Doesn't make the cosmos less complex, it makes you more so.

Of course, we want a world where black hair will be less of a weighty topic. Illuminating the nuances is how we build that world - counterproductive as it often feels. Eventually, some kid will be able to move through life in "whatever it's cute" and this piece will have helped that happen.

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