Agreeing with someone requires that you attribute a point to them. I wasn’t mentioned.

There’s a familiarity on the internet where likeminded people speak in shorthand sometimes, as if they feel that they already know the other person. So they assume their intentions are clear when they aren’t. I’m glad that you clarified.

I’m not familiar with Caste, the book. But based on the quotes you gave I’d say it’s a solid point. Caste is a maintenance tool for an inequitably structured society, like race.

I’m hesitant to draw any further conclusions because, though I’m intimately familiar with the concept of race, I’m kind of an outsider looking in on a caste society/tradition. Especially if we are looking at the millennia old traditions in Hinduism. I’d be thrilled to read an insider perspective from someone at the intersection of race and caste. I’m certain I’ve come across black Hindu scholars that I can’t quite recall at the moment (quarantine brain).

I believe that there’s a lot to be said for saving space for other academics/essayists to speak to their lived experiences instead of me running at the mouth for fun — even though there’s nothing I enjoy more.

It definitely sounds like a fascinating read. So I’ll grab it and get back to you. | Freelance Editor | Essayist | Culture Analyst | Pronouns: she/they

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